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The mission of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police is to serve as the “professional voice” of law enforcement in Oregon. Toward our objective, we are pleased to offer a wide range of programs designed to benefit police leaders, their agencies and the communities they serve.


The Oregon Accreditation Alliance exists to improve the quality of law enforcement agencies in the State of Oregon and ultimately the quality of services provided to the citizens of the state.


Physical Abilities Test

The OACP purchased and deployed ten ORPAT systems in police agencies strategically located throughout the state in order to make the Oregon Physical Abilities Test accessible to all Oregon police agencies.


College Scholarship Program

The OACP is committed to promoting professionalism and they value the presence and contributions of educated men and women in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. To further this commitment, the OACP provides competitive college scholarships for qualifying students.



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Donut Day 2016 was a tremendous success for the St. Helens Police Department and the Columbia Pacific Food Bank. With your help, we were able to convert 3,600 donuts into 3,237 pounds of food and $2,484 in cash. According to the food bank, this will convert into 10,000 meals for this community. We thank everyone who braved the cold weather to be a part of our success. We also share an appreciation for all of the volunteers and entertainers who helped to make Donut Day possible. Merry Christmas St. Helens!

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"Portland police hope that higher salaries for officers, three newly assigned police recruiters and a year-round application process will help fill 74 vacancies and prepare for upcoming retirements." ...

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"A date which will live in infamy." 75 years later, we honor their sacrifice. #PearlHarbor75

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The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police was founded in 1953 with the intended purpose of enhancing the professionalism of Law Enforcement in Oregon. The founding Chiefs envisioned creating an association that would promote training and information sharing to facilitate the professional growth of Chiefs of Police, command staff, supervisors, line officers and support personnel. The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police rapidly became a leader both on the state and national level in the effort to enhance the profession.