2015 – 2016 Standing Committees

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The Awards Committee solicits, reviews, and decides on OACP award recipients for both the annual conference and special occasions.

Dave Dryden – Hubbard PD– Co-Chair

Ken Johnson – Fairview PD– Co-Chair

Budget and Finance

The Budget and Finance Committee develops and recommends a budget to the Board of Directors for approval no later than June of each year.

Geoff Spalding– Beaverton PD– Co-Chair

Jeff Groth – Sherwood PD– Co-Chair


The Bylaws Committee is responsible for drafting and forwarding suggested By-Law amendments to the Board of Directors for consideration and onto the General Membership for approval. The Bylaws committee is currently undertaking a complete rewrite of the OACP bylaws.

Mark J. Miranda – Newport PD – Co-Chair

Scott Russell – Woodburn PD – Co-Chair


The Conference Committee plans, coordinates and produces the annual OACP conference. The committee also evaluates each conference in order to recommend changes that will improve the conference experience for members for future conferences.

Linda Gardner – Tillamook PD – Co-Chair

Jeff Fossholm – Silverton PD – Co-Chair

Dress Uniform and Ceremony

The Dress Uniform and Ceremony Committee develops recommendations for the display of rank and other insignia for police uniforms throughout Oregon. The Committee also provides guidance and assistance to police agencies in need of presenting a special ceremony.

Robert Mason – Independence PD – Co-chair

Richard Stokoe – Boardman – Co-chair

Education and Training

The Education and Training Committee is responsible for coordinating all education and training opportunities offered by the Association at the annual conference and other special training sessions.

Kris Allison – Central Point PD– Co-Chair

Ray Rau – Nyssa PD– Co-chair

Executive Resources

The Executive Resources committee is responsible for developing programs and offering resources through the OACP that assist local government partners. This committee will develop and/or identify an OACP background investigation service, LEMAP service and further develop the Linebacker program.

Rick Lewis, Retired PD – Co-Chair

Mike Healy – Mt. Angel PD– Co-Chair

Intergovernmental and Legislative

The Intergovernmental and Legislative committee develops and implements an OACP legislative agenda for each Oregon Legislative Session with the assistance of the OACP executive staff.

John Teague – Keizer PD– Co-Chair

Geoff Spalding – Beaverton PD– Co-Chair

Labor Issues Committee

The Labor Issues Committee tracts various trends in labor negotiation and maintains a file of all negotiated contracts from police agencies.

Geoff Spalding – Beaverton PD– Co-Chair

Cindy Bolek – Hillsboro PD– Co-Chair

Akin Blitz — Bullard Law

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee will coordinate with other committees and the Board to create, communicate and deliver OACP products and services and to increase awareness of the value of OACP products and services internally and externally.

Carolyn McDermed – Eugene PD– Co-Chair

Mark Chase – Junction City PD– Co-Chair


The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members. The Committee receives reviews and forwards applications for membership along with their recommendations for acceptance to the Board of Directors for action.

Matt Workman – Warrenton PD – Co-Chair

Mike McGlothlin – Columbia City PD – Co-Chair

Scholarship – Community Action

The Scholarship – Community Action Committee oversees the distribution of scholarships for college students who are pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice field and scholarships to the OACP Annual Conference for Chiefs of Police and Retired Chiefs with financial need.

Kevin Martinez – Carlton PD– Co-Chair

Matt Workman – Warrenton PD – Co-Chair

Second in Command

The purpose of this committee is to evaluate opportunities within the OACP to expand participation and contributions by those aspiring to become a future Chief of Police and/or who currently are in a position to serve as a second in command or acting chief, when appointed. The committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors about areas the OACP can further the mentoring and development of future Chiefs of Police through program development, training and other areas that will enhance the goal of building a strong pool of well qualified, highly ethical next generation police chiefs.

Mark Daniel – Sherwood – Co-Chair

Ty Hanlon – Sherwood PD– Co-Chair

Retired Chiefs

The Retired Chiefs Committee is responsible for maintaining a connection between retired members and the association and for identifying opportunities for retired members to contribute their time and talent to the ongoing work of the association.

Les Youngbar – Lake Oswego PD (Retired)

Rick Lewis
 – Silverton PD (Retired)

Retired Chiefs Historical Sub-Committee

The Historical sub-committee is responsible for preserving the rich heritage of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police.

Jim Soules – Prineville PD (Retired)
Rick Lewis – Silverton PD (Retired)