Chief Geoff Spalding’s President Message

Thank you for visiting the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police website. Founded in 1953, the OACP is dedicated to enhancing professional and ethical standards across all levels of Oregon law enforcement. It is a mission we proudly strive to uphold and advance each year.

Oregon police officers continually serve their communities with distinction, compassion, and unwavering commitment—qualities we hope to promote and strengthen through training programs throughout the state. Oregon policing is built upon honorable pillars that officers and community members alike can take pride in.

As the national climate surrounding police-community relations becomes ever more tenuous, we must recognize and utilize such strengths to the best of our abilities as officers, law enforcement leaders and as citizens. In an effort to promote such growth, I ask all OACP members, committees and elected representatives to work toward continued development in the following areas of Oregon policing:

  • Collaboration: Building off the foundation of our joint Oregon Public Safety Academy, departments and agencies across the state must capitalize on opportunities to share resources and knowledge.
  • Problem Solving: Resources like the Oregon Knowledge Bank make it easier than ever to learn from other departments and implement well-researched solutions to local problems.
  • Ethics & Integrity: We must continue our current conversations concerning procedural justice and police legitimacy, holding ourselves to the highest professional standards.

As I enter retirement, I would like to reiterate the importance of maintaining and improving upon these points of strength. We must uphold the values and innovations that bring honor and respect to our departments and our profession. I am appreciative of the support I have been given and leave this career with a sense of pride and accomplishment, not only for my own department, but for the fine tradition of law enforcement that exists throughout the State of Oregon.


Geoff Spalding
OACP President