The purpose of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police (OACP) Agency Review Program (ARP) is to provide management consulting and technical assistance to departments where the Chief is a member of OACP.

ARP is an opportunity for departments, in coordination with their Police Chief, to receive a professional review of their organization’s operations and management systems. It is designed to be a tool that a Chief may use to improve their department, create new energy and provide better service to the community.

The goal of the ARP review is to provide the Police Department with a critical look at the organization through the eyes of peer professionals. The resulting report should serve as a guide to identify areas that need strengthening and highlight positive and innovative programs and practices. It is hopeful the department may use the information provided from this review to motivate the organization, improve internal and external services, and gain additional community support.
The OACP has partnered with City-County Insurance Services to deliver the program, when appropriate and the specific needs make it reasonable. The ARP uses “Best Practice” standards as a foundational measure. However, the ARP for each department may vary from the listed standards dependent upon the areas requested for review by the agency. The ARP review may be completed for the entire organization, or for a specific function, unit or process of the organization. The specific area and/or focus of the review will be determined by the requesting agency.