The purpose of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police (OACP) Interim Leadership Assistance Program (Linebacker) is to provide interim Police Department leadership to cities.

The Linebacker Program is an opportunity for departments to benefit from the leadership of an experienced Executive during the extended absence of their Chief Executive or during the transition period before a new Chief takes office.

When a police chief vacancy occurs (and they occur for a wide range of reasons), cities are faced with the challenge of keeping the police department moving forward. The goal of the Linebacker Program is to link cities and police departments that require short term leadership and/or management of a police department with a qualified and approved retired Police Chief and/or approved working Police Executive, both with active credentials and positive experience, to serve as the Interim Executive. It is hopeful the Linebacker Program will help to motivate the organization, improve internal and external services, and gain additional community support during the absence and/or leadership transition period. Here is how the program works:

1. The city manager or designated contact from the city requests a list of Interim Executive Leadership Program candidates from the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police executive office.
2. The OACP Executive Office provides the municipality with a portfolio of potential candidates, including resumes and applications on file.
3. The municipality, through the city manager or other appropriate party, would have the responsibility of selecting, interviewing, and negotiating a short-term labor agreement with the preferred Interim Leader.
The Interim Executive Leadership Program has been utilized on a number of occasions in cities throughout the State of Oregon with proven success.


2014 IELP Application/Registration