Do You Suspect That Your Son Or Daughter Is Using Drugs?

Where can you turn when you suspect your son or daughter is experimenting with drugs? Too many parents go on suspecting be­cause they don’t feel they have anywhere to turn for help. They go on suspecting until a child’s drug use results in destroyed relationships, school failure, arrests and eventually… a broken life.

Now help is just a phone call away from one of the most unlikely of sourc­es… your local police agency. Law enforcement professionals will test your child for drug use in a strictly confidential way in which information about your child is kept between you and your child. It goes no further. Law Enforcement professionals recognize the problems that parents face today be­cause police officers have kids too. The negative impacts of drug abuse touch all of us, from every walk of life; in every community… no one is exempt. That’s why the law enforcement community in conjunction with other community partners created “Parent Aid.”

What Is Parent Aid?

Parent Aid is a simple and confidential urinalysis drug-testing program designed to help parents identify drug abuse problems in their kids before disaster strikes. The centerpiece of the Parent Aid program is the KrollScreen™ Drug Screen Test System offered by Kroll Laboratory Specialists. The Parent Aid testing program virtually eliminates the possibility that someone will “trick” the drug test (by dilution or adulteration) by using an integrated drug test system that tests for adulteration of the sample in addition to the drug test. This new technology is designed to expose attempts to influence the drug test results.

What If The Test Result Is Positive?

When test results are positive, every effort is made to provide the parent and child with information regarding drug treatment programs and other community based support services available to them.

If you suspect your son or daughter is using illegal drugs, don’t ignore the signs and don’t delay. Instead, pick up the phone and call the Parent Aid Program Agency nearest you. One call may keep your child from ruining their life… and yours. Make the call!

How Do I Begin?

Review the list located below and identify the participating agency nearest you. Pick up the phone and call or e-mail the contact person. Schedule a time for the test and ask any questions you might have.

Parent Aid Online Training Course

Parent Aid Training Login Instructions

Parent Aid Brochure (.pdf)

Parent Aid FAQ (.pdf)

Parent Aid Participating Agencies (.pdf)

Parent Aid Audio PSA (.wmv)

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