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April 8, 2020


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Needing Some Encouragement During the COVID-19 Crisis?

We've had positive feedback from members regarding the video messages posted by former presenters. Therefore, Jeff Groth reached out to Kevin DeShazo, presenter at our 2019 Annual Conference, and asked him to share a brief message with OACP members during this difficult time. Click anywhere on the image to download this brief message of encouragement. Please note that there is an unavoidable (and slightly annoying) delay in the recording with the speaking. To find past encouraging video messages and additional articles from Greg Young, Click here.

We have also created a page called "Information on COVID-19" (available to the public on the front-end of our website) where the public can find useful information to help them navigate this crisis. Direct your community here if you think they'd find it helpful.
Click here to view.

 OACP Marketplace

At OACP Marketplace on our website is listed Vendors who are currently registered for the upcoming, re-scheduled 2020 Annual Conference Trade Show.

Because these vendors have chosen to keep their registration for the conference, we wanted to provide additional value to their registration as a simple thank you.

Those vendors listed with links to their websites paid an additional amount. Please consider reaching out to all of these OACP partners when you are looking for products, services, and resources for your agency.



2020 Annual Conference

Although much is uncertain, until further notice, the Annual Conference has been rescheduled until the end of June. The Executive Board will continue discussing options with the current COVID-19 circumstances and deciding if this is the best option moving forward. We will keep everyone updated in the coming weeks.

Some of you may have received an invoice reminder for the conference. These are automatically generated by our system. Please disregard for now. 

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 Tracy Miller, TM Consulting, Presents:

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Oregon News

Oregon Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony Closed to the Public
The current COVID-19 crisis that our state, nation and the world is facing has resulted in the cancellation of public gatherings. The Oregon law enforcement community wants you to know that this crisis will not deter us from honoring Oregon’s fallen.
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Bend police chief delays retirement to work through COVID-19 crisis
The Bulletin
Bend Police Chief Jim Porter will delay retirement several months to help the city manage through the COVID-19 crisis.
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Fewer drivers on the roads, but Oregon law enforcement agencies see more people speeding
While there are fewer drivers on the road during the stay-at-home order in Oregon, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said they have more patrols.
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National News

Police get creative to stay safe and keep order as coronavirus spreads
NBC News
Enforcing social distancing is one of the many ways the coronavirus pandemic has unexpectedly transformed American policing over the past few weeks, compelling officers to drop their routines and find new ways to protect the public and themselves.
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NJ police connect with communities amid social distancing
Police One
While working from home is not an option for law enforcement in Burlington County during the coronavirus pandemic, police departments are taking extra steps in protecting their officers from getting infected with the disease.
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Senate Dems call for 'hazard pay' fund in 4th round of coronavirus spending
Fox News
Senate Democrats on Tuesday unveiled plans to create a giant new fund to boost the pay of health care staff, first responders and essential workers -- and made clear they'll demand their hazard pay proposal in any fourth round of coronavirus spending.
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OACP Weekly Update
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