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Spring 2017

Thank you to all who provided suggestions regarding our inaugural issue of this publication! Based upon the feedback we received, the quarterly newsletter has been adjusted to offer more inclusivity. The publication is still meant to be a resource for all loved ones of OACP members - it's new title simply better reflects that purpose! Read on to see what's new in this issue.

Peer Profile: Meet Brenda Teague - lovely wife of Chief John Teague, of Keizer PD, and the focus of today's profile.

Notes & News: Stay informed regarding upcoming events, conference schedules and legislative bills that could affect your loved one's career.

Peer Profile

Peer: Brenda Teague
Husband: Chief John Teague
Department Affiliation: Keizer PD

Many thanks to Brenda Teague for sharing her story and advice with us! Her husband, John, is a current OACP member and Keizer Police Chief. Chief Teague is the OACP's 1st Vice President.

Brenda Teague prefaced her interview with the assertion that she was atypical for a Chief's wife, a little quieter in the community than some.

But quiet, of course, harbors its own brand of strength.

Brenda and her husband John, current Chief of the Keizer Police Department, met by chance at a small college for biblical studies in the Willamette Valley. 

"We grew up in agnostic military families and separately came to have similar viewpoints on life," Brenda said. 

Faith would remain an integral pillar of the Teague family as it expanded, eventually reaching a total of seven. 
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Notes & News

What's it like being a police wife?
By Melissa Littles on Police One
I was recently asked, "What's it like being a police wife?" Being an author and advocate on the subject of law enforcement, it's a question I've been asked quite often.
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Law Enforcement Is A Family Commitment
Cops Alive
Society is routinely exposed to the mass media's version of law enforcement via movies, cop shows, or news reports.  These Hollywood depictions are the only frames of reference the general public has for how individuals in this line of work should behave or how they think.  It's no wonder many civilians (non-LEOs) have a skewed perception of the challenges faced by LEOs and their families.
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Law Enforcement Personnel and Family Life
Law Enforcement Family Support
There is nothing more rewarding than taking pride in yourself, your career, and your family. Law enforcement professionals want to help others and make a difference in the lives of those in need. However, as the years go by the concept of "helping people" looses its glamour. 
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Married to the Badge: Tips for Strengthening a Law Enforcement Marriage
In Public safety
Being married to a law enforcement officer (LEO) has its challenges. Officers tend to work long hours, work rotating shifts, have part-time jobs (moonlight), and be required to attend court on their days off. All these factors contribute to officers' constantly missing family events and delaying holidays or other celebrations because of their work schedules.
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Balancing a police career and happy home life
Police One
The vast majority of us love being cops. We take pride in going to work everyday. We take pride in handing out our business card that reads, "Police Officer" or "Deputy Sheriff" or "Special Agent" or whatever other title we might have at the PD. Our job defines us. We live it 24/7. We take it home.
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10 Realities Of Being Married To A Police Officer
Huffington Post
It is a responsibility, a burden and an honor/blessing for those of you who are religious. It is often thankless. It throws up challenges and has its rewards and I wouldn't have it any other way. I often think that it is we who are in the Police Force, not just him: we signed up; we joined back in January 2007.
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Oregon Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony
DPSST - May 2nd, 2017
The Oregon Fallen Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony recognizes all of the Oregon Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty. Please join us on May 2nd as we honor our fallen heroes.
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K-9 Program for Coquille Police Department
Coquille Police Department - April 22nd, 2017
Coquille PD is currently planning a fundraiser to help support their K-9 Program. It is completely funded by donations from the community. 
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Sherwood Shredding Event
Sherwood Police Department - April 1st, 2017
Protect yourself from identity theft while working together to restock the local food pantries!
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SherwoodDrug Takeback
Sherwood Police Department - April 29th, 2017
Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal!
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Sherwood Blood Drive
Sherwood Police Department - April 19th, 2017
Give blood. Help Save Lives.
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The Dalles for the 38th Annual Northwest Cherry Festival
The Dalles
Head to The Dalles for the 38th Annual Northwest Cherry Festival. A longtime favorite among locals and visitors alike, the festival is set in the spectacular Columbia River Gorge and showcases The Dalles' deep agricultural heritage and Western roots. 
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Condon Solar Eclipse Event
Condon PD - August 18-22, 2017
The City of Condon and Gilliam County are planning to set up the public golf course and fair grounds for camping and RVs. Music and food events are planned, and reservations are being made for available spaces. Volunteers are needed and guests are welcomed!
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SHINE Under the Stars - PPB Sunshine Division
Portland Police Bureau - May 18, 2017
A fundraiser for Sunshine Division's Food and Clothing assistant programs
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OACP Update

2017 OACP Annual Conference
April 11-14, 2017
To see more information on the upcoming OACP Annual Conference... 
click here

2017 OACP/OSSA Fall Leadership Conference
September 27-28, 2017
To see more information on the OACP/OSSA Fall Leadership Conference, click here


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2.    Peer Profile

3.    Notes & News

4.    OACP Update


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