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Winter 2016


Thank you to all who provided suggestions regarding our inaugural issue of this publication! Based upon the feedback we received, the quarterly newsletter has been adjusted to offer more inclusivity. The publication is still meant to be a resource for all loved ones of OACP members - it's new title simply better reflects that purpose! Read on to see what's new in this issue.

Peer Profile: Meet Becky Soules - educator extraordinaire, lovely wife of former Chief Jim Soules, and the focus of today's profile.

Notes & News:
The countdown to Christmas has officially begun (deep breaths, you still have time!). In the spirit of this beautiful but bustling time of year, we've collected several holiday-themed articles and updates.

Peer Profile

Peer: Becky Soules
Husband: Retired Chief Jim Soules
Department Affiliation: Prineville PD

Many thanks to Becky Soules for sharing her story and advice with us! Her husband, Jim, is a current OACP retired member and former Prineville Police Chief. Chief Soules has long been involved with OACP leadership and events.

Loneliness may not be the most prominent 
of challenges in marriage to a police chief, but it can be one of the most biting.

"You can feel very isolated," said Becky Soules, wife of former Prineville Police Chief Jim Soules. "As a Chief's wife, you cannot be pals with the other wives because your husband may have to discipline their husbands if it's needed. We're seen as people who should be able to fix things, but we can't. We can only listen, and care, and love."

Becky married her husband in 1971, the same year he became a police officer. Chief Soules' career would take his family from Warm Springs to McMinnville, before eventually landing in Prineville, where he held the position of Chief for 24 years.

"Jim ended up becoming Chief at just 30 years old. He cleaned up the department, which was pretty dysfunctional at the time," Becky explained. "He spent much of the first five years trying to gain the respect of the community, and that was extremely difficult. Small towns, in my opinion - and justifiably so - have high expectations for their Chiefs."
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Notes & News

Project Blue Light: honoring law enforcement during the holidays
Live 5 News
For years, law enforcement supporters have asked people to place a blue light in their windows during the holiday season as part of Project Blue Light. The color blue is symbolic of peace. The idea is to honor those officers who have fallen in the line of duty and support those officers who continue to work throughout the holiday season.
Read more or Learn more here

20 Ideas for Serving Others as a Family This Christmas
Family Life
As much as we want our children to get excited about all of the festivities of the holidays, we also want to teach them to focus their hearts and minds outward on others.
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3 Ways To Have a Merry Christmas Without Your Husband
Love & Blues
When you're married to a first responder, you pretty much get used to doing things alone.  Trips with the kids, eating dinner, going to family events, etc. But when Christmas comes around and your spouse has to work, that's when his demanding schedule can get especially frustrating.  Whether that's because he's putting out house fires, pulling over drunk drivers, or because he's battling overseas for his country, the holidays just aren't meant to be spent alone.
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A Marriage Redeemed From the Rubble
Family Life
Just 18 months before, in April 1995, a bomb had destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people and wounding hundreds of others. The memory remained fresh in the minds of those attending a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway in Oklahoma City during the spring of 1996. On the first night of the getaway, speaker Bob Lepine asked firefighters, policemen, and military personnel to stand and be recognized. As police officer Chuck Douglas and others stood, hundreds of attendees began clapping louder and louder, until thunderous applause filled the large meeting room.
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First Responder Holiday Community Events NEAR YOU!

Salem Police toy drive has heartbreaking inspiration
Statesman Journal
He thought of that little girl often, especially during the holidays, wondering where she was and how she was doing, like so many others did, from dispatchers to deputy chiefs. And she became the inspiration behind the agency's toy drive that makes Christmas merrier for hundreds of local children each year.
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Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division
Sunshine Division
Since 1923, the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division has been providing food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need. Whether due to the loss of a job, domestic crime, illness, or victims of fire or disaster, the Sunshine Division has built a 94-year legacy of mobilizing quickly and efficiently to assist distressed Portlanders.
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Shop with a cop! (Clackamas County, along with many other agencies around the state)
The concept behind the Shop with a Cop program is to locate kids whose families have had some enforcement contact with police, or require assistance for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes this may involve an adult family member or older sibling who may have been arrested.  The trauma of seeing a family member arrested can cause many young kids to have some very negative feelings towards police, as they rarely hear the whole story, objectively, from those involved.
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Shop with a cop! (Salem/Keizer PD)

Tualatin - Holiday Events
Tualatin City
Check out how Tualatin Police are getting involved this holiday season!
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Lake Oswego - #youandblue
Lake Oswego
The City of Lake Oswego is striving to change the conversation about law enforcement this holiday season by unveiling a new campaign called #youandblue. The goal of the campaign is to celebrate the partnership between citizens and law enforcement. The community is invited to take to social media to share photos with the Lake Oswego Police Department and include the hashtag #youandblue.
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'Donut Day' coming to St. Helens Police Department
Portland Tribune
The St. Helens Police Department is participating in "Donut Day" next weekend.On Saturday, Dec. 13, police officers will be handing out Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the St. Helens Police Station in exchange for canned and nonperishable food items for the Columbia Pacific Food Bank.
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Warrenton PD - Bike Donating to Local Toy Drive
Warrenton PD
For the third year the WPD will be donating all of our seized and forfeited bicycles to the local toy drive. The volunteers take the bicycles, clean them up and refurbish them to be given to families in need. These bikes are normally sent to auction but we received permission from the City Commission to donate them instead.

Dundee - Dundee Fire Department Holiday Parade
Dundee City
December 12, 2016 at 6:30 
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OACP Update

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April 11-14, 2017
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