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The mission of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police is to serve as the “professional voice” of law enforcement in Oregon. Toward our objective, we are pleased to offer a wide range of programs designed to benefit police leaders, their agencies and the communities they serve.


The Oregon Accreditation Alliance exists to improve the quality of law enforcement agencies in the State of Oregon and ultimately the quality of services provided to the citizens of the state.


Physical Abilities Test

The OACP purchased and deployed ten ORPAT systems in police agencies strategically located throughout the state in order to make the Oregon Physical Abilities Test accessible to all Oregon police agencies.


College Scholarship Program

The OACP is committed to promoting professionalism and values the presence and contributions of educated men and women in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. To further this commitment, the OACP provides competitive college scholarships for qualifying students.



Feeling the love from the Sweet Home's Chamber of Commerce.SHPD received a visit from our Sweet Home Chamber of Commerce today!!! They brought us a King's Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras!! ...

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Well done, Eugene PD, for maintainging such high standards at your agency.Eugene Police Department Earns Re-Accreditation

In 2018, EPD went through the recertification process with the Oregon Accreditation Alliance, which issued Eugene Police Department its first certificate of accreditation in 2015. Monday, during the City Council’s Ceremonial Matters, executive director with the OAA, presented EPD Chief Chris Skinner with the accreditation plaque.

To be accredited, an agency must meet 102 professional standards comprised of over 400 separate requirements contained within those standards. Agencies go through a recertification process every three years.

Eugene Police began the process with OAA in January 2014 and during the process, the association reviewed the department and its policies to ensure compliance to highest level of professional standards of accountability, management, and operations. The chief executive officer of an organization invites an outside third party (in this case, OAA) into their department to review and inspect everything associated with their operations and render an opinion as to whether they meet a set of best practice standards for that profession. That requires courage, transparency and commitment to high standards.

The Oregon Accreditation Alliance is governed by the Oregon Accreditation Alliance Board, comprised of representatives from the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association, and the Oregon Chapter of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.

Central Lane 911 received its certificate of accreditation from OAA in 2016, and has a recertification process every three years, with the next date in January 2019.

EPD's Forensics Evidence Unit successfully renewed their accreditation in 2017, after becoming the state's first local lab awarded American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors accreditation in 2013.

According to Ed Boyd, executive director of Oregon Accreditation Alliance (and chief of police, retired), "Accreditation means that an agency, their operations, management, policies and procedures meet the best practices the industry has to offer. The accreditation process in general is a progressive and contemporary way of helping law enforcement agencies evaluate and improve their overall performance and provides formal and professional recognition that an organization meets or exceeds best practice expectations of service and quality in the profession. To be accredited, an agency must meet 102 professional standards comprised of over 400 separate requirements contained within those standards. It also, in my opinion, takes courage for an organization to take on the rigorous accreditation process. Anytime the chief executive officer of an organization invites an outside third party into their department to review and inspect everything associated with their operations and render an opinion as to whether they meet a set of best practice standards for that profession that by itself shows commitment, transparency and dedication to excellence."

For more on OAA,

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Safety first. Thanks for the reminder Tigard PD.

Tigard Police Department
Tigard Police presents a brief video on the basics of intersection safety for drivers

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Way to go Chief Huxel for taking care of your team! Even in the snow and ice.It's S'monday! Even in 20 degree temps with snow and ice our Officers went out for range training. Fun fact, I have NEVER seen Officer Vandever with a jacket on and almost didn't recognize him in this photo 🤣 Also, shout out to our Chief for coming in over the weekend to make sure patrol cars were able to get in & out of the police department in the crazy weather. Stay safe! ...

6 days ago  ·  

Good luck to the West Linn's Robotics team!!

West Linn Police Department
Sro Halverson spent some time with the West Linn High School Robotics Team as they prepare for their competition this weekend!

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Take a minute to get to know Woodburn PD Sgt Colleen Altabef! She packs a powerful punch with unique things about her and is a great role model for women interested in going into law enforcement. this episode of Woodburn Behind the Scenes, we profile WPD's very own Sgt. Colleen Altabef, who has a very interesting hobby she participates in... Photos...

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Cpongratulations Chief Lucich for your upcoming retirement. The OACP is looking forward to celebrating your career.After almost eight years leading the Molalla Police Department, Chief Rod Lucich is announcing his retirement. We are inviting the public to celebrate his time with us at an open-house style party. Come by, share stories and say good-bye. Chief Lucich's last day is April 30, 2019. ...

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Monday was the inaugural run of a new partnership between the North Bend Police and the North Bend Library.

"Storytime with Chief K" will run every Monday at 10:30 am and will feature some of the Chief's favorite books and guest readers as well.

Both the PD and the Library recognize how important reading to our children is to their future. We're excited about this new partnership and look forward to future sessions!

Commenting after the first session, Chief Kappelman said, "I should have started my work weeks like this a LONG time ago! I can't think of a more positive activity than reading to our children!"

Join us next's GREEN day, so wear something GREEN!

2 weeks ago  ·  

It sounds like the time was a win/win for all; the residents and the police officers. Nice to see Happy Valley PD making an effort to get to know members in the community they serve.Today, we had an opportunity to visit with residents at Glenmoore Gracious Retirement Living over lunch. While we had been invited to share a meal as a token of the residents' appreciation for the work of local emergency service providers, it was us who were thankful.

Between listening to the residents' stories, sharing some laughs, and talking about the City, we really felt like part of the family. Thank you for extending this invitation to us. We enjoy being able to help our community and getting to know those we serve.

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There's nothing like reading a good book to a roomfull of interested children! Way to go Chief.Chief Dobrowolski marked Read Across America Day by reading to Mrs. Maher’s kindergarten class at Lincoln Street Elementary School. ...

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The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police was founded in 1953 with the intended purpose of enhancing the professionalism of Law Enforcement in Oregon. The founding Chiefs envisioned creating an association that would promote training and information sharing to facilitate the professional growth of Chiefs of Police, command staff, supervisors, line officers and support personnel. The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police rapidly became a leader both on the state and national level in the effort to enhance the profession.