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The mission of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police is to serve as the “professional voice” of law enforcement in Oregon. Toward our objective, we are pleased to offer a wide range of programs designed to benefit police leaders, their agencies and the communities they serve.


The Oregon Accreditation Alliance exists to improve the quality of law enforcement agencies in the State of Oregon and ultimately the quality of services provided to the citizens of the state.


Physical Abilities Test

The OACP purchased and deployed ten ORPAT systems in police agencies strategically located throughout the state in order to make the Oregon Physical Abilities Test accessible to all Oregon police agencies.


College Scholarship Program

The OACP is committed to promoting professionalism and values the presence and contributions of educated men and women in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. To further this commitment, the OACP provides competitive college scholarships for qualifying students.



Throwback Thursday - 1968 - when speeding tickets were a $10 fine! ...

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Chief McAlpine connects with her community during Tigard's regularly scheduled "Chat with the Chief" event.Thanks to Tigard residents for coming out to Chat with the Chief tonight where we discussed photo enforcement along Pacific Highway. If you missed the meeting, we've got you covered. Check out our website to find out more about this program to improve safety at intersections: ...

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Wilsonville Police Department
Who says police don't have a sense of humor? While we don't endorse products, we do appreciate a recent donation by the Ring company. They graciously donated several cameras which we have been able to give out in cases of domestic violence and repeated porch thefts.

Cameras can be a crime deterrent and have value as evidence to solve crimes. Good lighting, locked doors and windows, a good neighborhood network, and not leaving packages on the porch are also good practices to help deter crime.

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Day 3 of the Executive Leadership Training Seminar. Scott Friedman, Author and Motivational Humorist, presented on “Predicting the Future by Creating It.” ...

3 days ago  ·  

Training on Day 2 of ELTS included Chip Huth presenting on having an “Outward Mindset,” and Assistant Chief Sandy Albrektsen and Lt. Carmelin Rivera presenting on “Building and Sustaining an Officer Wellness Program... Lessons Learned from San Diego Police Department.” ...

5 days ago  ·  

New Chiefs’ dinner ends with a bang after a few shared stories and one Golden award won by Chief Terry Kruger. It was our largest attended New Chiefs Dinner event and certainly the most entertaining. Kevin Campbell, OACP’s ED, was also brave enough (coaxed on by guests) to get up and share a work story from his past. Thanks Maggie’s on the Prom for great food, and for Legal Shield who sponsored the dinner. ...

5 days ago  ·  

2019 ELTS Conference was in full swing on day one. ...

6 days ago  ·  

Prineville PD has fun participating in "Random Acts of Kindness" during the Christmas season.

Prineville Police Department
Video one Officer Montage

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The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police was founded in 1953 with the intended purpose of enhancing the professionalism of Law Enforcement in Oregon. The founding Chiefs envisioned creating an association that would promote training and information sharing to facilitate the professional growth of Chiefs of Police, command staff, supervisors, line officers and support personnel. The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police rapidly became a leader both on the state and national level in the effort to enhance the profession.