Welcome to the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police. We are pleased that you have decided to apply for membership in our association. Please read the following information, click on the application form above, enter all required information and click “submit”. Please give us a call at (800) 784-2867 if you have any questions.

Membership applications must be approved by our Board of Directors. The Board meets four times a year, generally in January, April, June/July, and September. Once you submit your application to the OACP office, the membership committee will review it and forward it to the board for approval at their next scheduled meeting. Make sure you have a current OACP Member in good standing agree to be your sponsor. When applying for Active membership, your sponsor must also be an Active member of the OACP. When applying for Associate membership, your sponsor can be either a current Active member or a current Associate member.

The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police has two membership categories: Active and Associate Members. Please see the descriptions below to determine which category you are eligible for.

Membership applications received by Friday, June 17 are being processed. The membership committee will submit them for acceptance at the next board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 6. The application process will reopen after that time in preparation for the fall board meeting currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 28.

*Please note that all new applicants are placed in the “Prospect” mode until they are approved at the next Board Meeting.

Become an OACP Member

Application Instructions and Information Sheet

Membership Application

The membership application period has closed for this quarter. We will be accepting membership applications again after the July 6 board meeting. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Categories of Membership

Active Membership

Active membership includes any Chief of Police of any city in the state of Oregon, any Assistant Chief of Police, or those who by their title, are designated by the Chief of Police to carry on the duties of a Chief of Police during the absence of such Chief from his/her city in Oregon. Active members seeking to hold office in the association must possess a minimum of Management level training certification from the Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training (DPSST). For further information click on link above right.

Associate Membership

Associate membership includes persons who were previously certified by the Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training (DPSST) or State Police or a Federal Officer who is currently employed in management of security and/or investigation of criminal activity relating to private enterprise, financial or banking or public utilities in this state, or other persons who are distinguished because of their office, title, or special service to the Association. Associate members may not vote and may not hold office in the association. For further information click on link above right.

Membership Dues

When you apply for membership you will submit payment for dues that are prorated based on your date of application as follows: January (100%), April (75%), June (50%), September (25%). At the beginning of each year members will submit a Dues Renewal form and pay the full membership dues for the year. If a member does not submit the renewal form by Feb 15th, their membership will be placed in an Inactive mode.


Chiefs of Police (first member from an agency) pays amount dependent on city population (see chart). All other members from an agency pay $150 per year for membership.


All Associate members pay $150 per year for membership.