Welcome to the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police. We are pleased that you have decided to apply for membership in our association. Please read the following information, click on the application form, enter all required information and click “submit.” Please give us a call at (800) 784-2867 if you have any questions.

Membership applications must be approved by our Board of Directors. The Board meets four times a year, generally in January, April, June/July, and September. Once you submit your application to the OACP office, the membership committee will review it and forward it to the board for approval at their next scheduled meeting. Make sure you have a current OACP Member in good standing agree to be your sponsor. When applying for Active membership, your sponsor must also be an Active member of the OACP. When applying for Associate membership or Other Associate membership, your sponsor can be either a current Active member or a current Associate member.

The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police has three membership categories: Active, Associate, and Other Associate Members. Please see the descriptions below to determine which category you are eligible for.

*Please note that all new applicants are placed in the “Pending” mode until they are approved at the next Board Meeting.

Become an OACP Member

Application Instructions and Information Sheet

Membership Application

Categories of Membership

Active Membership

Those eligible for Active membership are any Chief of Police or Police Superintendent or second in command or the equivalent ranks in the police agencies of any city, tribe, special district, state police, division of the Oregon Department of Justice, railroad police, or other political division in the state of Oregon or any assistant or deputy Chief of Police, Deputy Superintendent of the State Police, or those, who by their title are designated by the Chief of Police or Superintendent to carry on the duties of the Chief of Police or Superintendent during their absence.

Active Members must meet the DPSST eligibility requirements for their position to remain in good standing with the Association.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to a person who does not meet the criteria for Active membership but who is an Oregon peace officer or a federal officer as defined by ORS 133.005(2) and (3) and who currently manages or supervises peace officers and is not a member of a labor union (except with the acknowledgment of the Board of Directors).

Associate Members may not vote and may not hold office in the Association.

Other Associate Membership

Other Associate membership is available to persons who do not meet the criteria for Active or Associate membership but who provide special service to the Association. Agencies such as CIS, Community College Public Safety, OEDI, OR HIDTA, Humane Society (and others such as these) are now given the Member Type category called “Other Associate.”

Other-Associate Members may not vote and may not hold office in the Association.

Membership Dues

When you apply for membership you will submit payment for dues that are prorated based on your date of application as follows: January (100%), April (75%), June (50%), September (25%). At the beginning of each year members will submit a Dues Renewal form and pay the full membership dues for the year. If a member does not submit the renewal form by Feb 1, their membership will be placed in an Inactive mode.

Active & Associate

If you are the head of your agency, you are designated as the key contact for your agency. The dues amount for your Agency Organization (city, tribal, university, school, and port) will be based on the population of the jurisdiction you serve and dues for any additional members (Active or Associate) from your agency will be set at $25 per year (see Population Dues below). Additional members (Active & Associate) will continue to be full members with individual profiles and retain all the benefits of membership. A single invoice for members from your agency will be sent to you as the key contact.

Other Associate

The dues structure for individuals associated with non-population agencies such as CIS, Community College Public Safety, DPSST, HIDTA, Humane Society, OAA, OEDI, US Postal, members of a sheriff’s office, WSIN (and others such as these) will now be given the new Member Type category called “Other Associate.”

Population Agency Dues:

Less than 10,000 $300
10,000 to 34,999 $1000
35,000 to 99,999 $2500
100,000 and above $5000
Dues for additional members for individuals at agencies: $25

Individual members from non-population agencies (Other Associates): $150