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for the

OACP Annual Conference Trade Show

2018 Annual Conference
April 11th & 12th

Registration Begins February 2018

We will be sending out information about the Annual Conference in January 2018. If you are not sure whether we have your information or not, please send your contact info to

Did you know…

80-90 Chiefs attend the OACP Annual Conference and therefore 80-90 agencies are represented!
140-150 law enforcement leaders participate in the conference

At the 2017 Annual Conference Six $100 bills were won by OACP members who
got around to enough vendor booths to fill their BINGO cards


Twenty+ faux $100 bills were found by OACP members in and around vendor booths
(hidden there by OACP staff) that were “cashed in” for various goods

What you all did this year was amazing. I loved the pre-conference meeting with the vendors and the passport program you created. Marie was great to work with as well as the rest of the conference staff. Fantastic job!

-2017 OACP Annual Conference Vendor

The Bingo card was a cool idea. I think it should be used again next year.

-2017 OACP Annual Conference Vendor

I really liked the pre-show vendor meeting, it really showed how much the vendors were valued and that really impressed me.

-2017 OACP Annual Conference Vendor

The bingo sheets really increased traffic this year. As a vendor with several competitors it would be nice to have a live view of where other vendors are when picking which booth number we prefer. This years length and participation was by far the best out of my last 4 years attending.

-2017 OACP Annual Conference Vendor