Reflections on the OACP from our President, Chief Jeff Groth

Welcome to our website and welcome to the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police. Whether you are an Association member, city official or member of the public we are glad you landed here. OACP is about policing excellence.

The banners that hung at the annual Oregon Chiefs’ conference read, “Promoting Excellence in Policing Leadership” and while that is merely a conference theme, I believe it also captures the essence of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police.

The OACP doesn’t exist for itself. We are committed to the relationships and partnerships that further professional policing in Oregon. Every OACP member matters. Every Oregon police officer matters. Every Oregon community matters. The OACP exists for all of us.

Through our partnership with the Center for Policing Excellence, a nationally and internationally recognized source of research, experience and best practices, we promote a high level of professional, evidence-based and effective policing.

We provide guidance and valuable input through the many Oregon committees and task forces we are a part of and these efforts allow us to keep both our police officers and communities safe.

To be successful, we must continue to work together, strengthen our existing partnerships and build upon the amazing tradition that is OACP. What I value and desire more than anything is for OACP to be relevant to every Police Chief in Oregon, for every Police Chief in Oregon to be relevant to OACP and for every Oregon police department to be relevant in their community.