Reflections on the OACP from our President, Chief John Teague

The mission of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police is “to promote and enhance the highest ethical and professional standards in law enforcement at all levels throughout Oregon.” Further, the About OACP page (on this website) says the Association’s “membership … is committed to supporting and maintaining the highest standards of public safety and police protection for the people who live, work and play in the State of Oregon.”

OACP is highly regarded in the Oregon legislature and among law enforcement associations within the State of Oregon and around the nation. Our support for OACP and our active participation as members is important: it’s the vehicle through which we chiefs have the widest, collective influence.

DPSST is similarly respected—not only by members of its association of police academies (IADLEST) but by other law enforcement organizations, including US DOJ. In part, that’s due to Oregon’s advantage of a single, statewide academy, allowing Oregon’s law enforcement policy to be nimble and responsive, clearly exhibited by the Center for Policing Excellence where the best in policing experience and research converge to improve public safety outcomes. Having one academy also means Oregon’s public safety stakeholders, including Oregon’s chiefs, have opportunity for a genuinely meaningful role in ensuring and maintaining our “highest ethical and professional standards” and in setting the direction for policing Oregon’s future.

I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to suggest that we must continue to reflect upon our profession and its future or we risk having it defined for us. We should work diligently to ensure that our standards remain meaningful and high and that our policies and strategies evolve to reflect proven best practices. Again, your communication through OACP is your single best voice of influence, thus your participation and support of OACP is crucial—and appreciated.