OACP Testing Service

The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police Partners with Stanard and Associates to offer validated and effective testing products to assist your agency in navigating hiring and promotion decisions. Click here for a flyer with exam options.

Please note: Prices will increase slightly on June 1. At that time new order forms will be available. Questions? Contact Liz Besand at liz@victorygrp.com.

We offer the following testing/assessment products:

Entry Level Police Office Exams

The National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) tests entry level police officers on four components: arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar and report writing. The tests have been developed by Stanard & Associates specifically for law enforcement agencies to assess incident report writing skills and predict training and job success. There are alternate forms and self-score versions available to departments and are economical for agencies of all sizes. PCPA also offers exam study guides.

The National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST) was developed specifically for use by public safety communications/call centers and may be used by any emergency call center, communications center, or dispatching center through which calls for emergency and/or public safety services are received and routed. The test focuses on five components: reading comprehension, listening, problem solving, prioritizing and multi-tasking.

Promotional Testing Services

First and Second Line Police Supervisor Tests help to identify promotional candidates who possess the relevant job knowledge to be successful supervisors and managers. The cost-effective exams assess knowledge in areas such as:

  • Management/Supervision
  • Major Court Cases
  • Community Policing
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Patrol Tactics
  • PA Criminal Law and Vehicle Code

The exams can be easily integrated into the promotional process and measure both first-line supervisor (e.g Corporal, Sergeant) and second-line supervisor (e.g. Lieutenant, Captain). Each exam has 125 questions (multiple-choice and true/false) and candidate study guides are available to provide test takers with a recommended reading list, study tips and sample test questions. An exam administration guide is also available with step-by-step instructions.

The National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT)

The National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT) is similar to The National First & Second Line Supervisor Tests currently offered by the OACP, but is intended for agencies that are looking to promote officers to the rank of Detective or Investigator. The NDIT is a 75-question, content-valid, written promotional exam derived from three textbooks covering the topics of Criminal Investigations, Major Supreme Court Cases and Investigative Interviewing.  A study guide will be required for each candidate that will provide a detailed breakdown of the Areas of Measurement (i.e., a listing of the chapters or sections from each book that candidates should study for the exam).  Please note: Candidates will still need to obtain the actual textbooks to prepare for the exam.  A study period of 30 days or more is suggested. All exams will be scored by Stanard & Associates, Inc. and results will be provided to the authorized point of contact overseeing the promotional process for the agency.

The National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) Form E

Stanard & Associates’ National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) – Form E gives you the remote, online testing option your agency needs to meet today’s recruiting challenges. Whether its working around candidates’ schedules, quickly responding to pandemic-related restrictions, or casting a wider net to recruit regionally or nationally, all your candidates need is a computer and an internet connection. Click here for more information.


National Police Officer Selection Test (POST)

OACP POST Instructions

POST Order Form and Test Security Agreement (Please submit your order at least two weeks prior to your test date.)

POST Product Information Packet

National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST)

NDST Order Form and Test Security Agreement

NDST Product Information Packet

First-Line Supervisor Test and Second-Line Supervisor Test

Order Form and Test Security Agreement

Product Information Packet

Recommended Reading List

(Not for distribution to candidates)

National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT)

Order Form and Test Security Agreement

Product Information Packet


This agreement defines Stanard & Associate, Inc.’s (S&A) purchase and test security policy and procedures. It also explains how the test security guidelines are intended to protect the mutual interests of all public safety agencies and officials that use test materials obtained from S&A, as well as the interests of all persons who take such tests. In order that no person may gain special advantage by having improper access to the material, S&A requires that all users sign this agreement and fulfill its terms as a condition of making the test materials available.

For More Information, please call the OACP office at 800-784-2867

  • The National First- and Second-Line Supervisor Tests (NFLST/NSLST, hereafter) will be kept in locked files.
  • This agreement applies to users of the NFLST/NSLST and NFLST/NSLST-related materials, including public safety agencies, employment agencies, or other entities that use the NFLST/NSLST to guide personnel decisions.
  • Access to the NFLST/NSLST will be by authorized personnel only.
  • NFLST/NSLST materials cannot be reproduced for any purpose.
  • NFLST/NSLST will not be supplied to anyone for advance study or after the examination period.
  • All test materials supplied by S&A under this agreement shall be and remain the property of S&A
  • No official, staff member, consultant, or other agent of the named agency will loan, give, sell, or otherwise make available any S&A testing material to any other agency or unauthorized person.
  • This purchase agreement can only be modified with written approval by Stanard & Associates, Inc. (S&A).