The life of a law enforcement officer is a difficult one, to say the least. So also is the life of those who stand behind the badge – wives, husbands, parents, children. These less visible heroes walk the line with their officer in a supporting role. We recognize the tough job they have and their need to be upheld. As we all navigate these challenging times, law enforcement families need to know they aren’t alone. With that in mind, you may find the following resources helpful.


I Love a Cop – What Police Families Need to Know
Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D.

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement: A Guide for Officers and their Families
Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D.

Cuffs & Coffee: A Devotional for Wives of Law Enforcement
Allison P. Uribe


Serving in the Shadows: The Sacrificial Calling of a Police Wife

The Impact Anti-Police Rhetoric has on LEO Families

How to discuss hatred for police and racism with your children

Dear Wife of the Badge, You Are Strong


The Police Wife Life
Author: Melissa Littles
Read this for: humorous, frank posts about motherhood, as well as wifehood

Suddenly Cop Wife
Author: Stella
Read this for: links to other articles and information about navigating the social and familial pressures of the
law enforcement world

Happy Police Wife
Author: “The Wifey”
Read this for: cheerful words of wisdom and faith-based articles

Files of a Police Wife
Author: “Ms. Officer Charger”
Read this for: family-based articles, self-betterment and health-related tips

A Police Wife
Author: “Mrs. Fuzz”
Read this for: multimedia posts, as well as information about products and discounts for officers and families

Websites and Organizations

The Grit and Grace Project

Humanizing the Badge
What it is: International support group for law enforcement officers and their families. Their website and
Facebook page offer opportunities to get involved with one’s community both locally and regionally.

National Alliance for Law Enforcement Support
What it is: Online resource meant to connect law enforcement wives across the United States. The website
offers ways to get involved and ask questions via an online forum. Formerly “Wives behind the Badge.”

National Police Wives Association
What it is: Organization and website offering comfort, advice, and companionship to police wives across the
United States. The site contains a closed forum feature; you must be a registered member to access the online
conversations, creating a virtual safe space.

Behind the Badge
What it is: Although this website focuses on Washington law enforcement, it offers a great collection of online

Wives on Duty Ministries
What it is: A nonprofit, Christian ministry designed for wives of first responders.

What it is: A great resource for loved ones who simply want to stay current with news surrounding the
greater law enforcement community. To find family-related articles, search the site for “peer support.”
What it is: Similar to the above entry, use this website to stay current with law enforcement news.