Needing Some Encouragement During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Consider these resources below…

We thought it would be helpful to provide our law enforcement leaders in Oregon with some items of encouragement during this COVID-19 crisis. Please see below for a few options to choose from. We hope to continue providing additional videos, podcasts, articles, etc… that we think might be of some help during these trying days. If you are a member of OACP and have a resource that you think fellow members would benefit from, please send our way and we will get it posted on this platform.

In the midst of these challenging times, Greg Young, 2020 Postponed/Upcoming Annual Conference Presenter, shares some words of encouragement. Click here to read a letter from Greg Young.
Journal Entries:
March 23 & 24; April 3; April 6; April 9;
April 13; April 15
Other Resources:
Stress Reactions During the Pandemic
Critical Incident Stress Information Sheets
Click here for more information about Greg.

Chief Dave Funkhouser (2020 ELTS Presenter), sent us this brief video, at our request, about being the light in this dark time.
Click here to view.

We asked Retired Chief Paul Butler, who speaks around the globe on leadership and motivation (and one of our featured speakers at ELTS this year), to share some encouraging words with our members in this brief two-minute video.
Click here to view.

Craig Groeschel – Author, Pastor, and Leadership Expert
Good leaders lead through hard times. In this episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Craig unpacks the nature of crisis—like the COVID-19 pandemic—and gives practical ways to not just see problems, but solve problems and seize opportunities!
Click here to listen to Craig’s podcast called Leading Through Crisis.
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A group of Nashville studio singers perform an epic cell phone choir.
This inspirational music video was sent to us by Akin Blitz, Life Member and OACP Legal Advisor.
Click here to listen.

Kevin DeShazo, 2019 Annual Conference Presenter and best-selling author of Leadership Interrupted and partner at Culture Wins.
Kevin shared an encouraging message with the OACP. Click here to view.
Click here to listen to The Leadership Minute with Kevin DeShazo – suggested episodes for leadership during crisis are episodes #30 and #34.

Greg Bell is a recognized thought leader, business consultant, author, leadership coach, and previous OACP conference presenter.
Click here to read his blog titled, “Ten Ways Bamboo Farmers Push Through Adversity.”

Marissa Lee has a special message for first responders. She wanted to share a bagpipe tribute for those coping with the losses brought by COVID-19 and bring healing to their friends and families. Click on the photo for her bagpipe tribute.