Update on Annual Conference Trade Show

Unfortunately, the Riverhouse Convention Center reached out to us to let us know that because of the dramatic and unexpected spike in COVID cases in Deschutes county recently (and the cumulative way they count cases), we are forced to cancel the in-person event and transition to a fully virtual conference.

For those vendors who have registered for the Trade Show, later this week a form will be provided on this page that will let us know how you want us to handle your registration (to simply refund, or to once again roll over to next year’s conference).

If you have purchased one of our sponsor packages, we are hoping you will consider partnering with us by utilizing the creative options we plan to make available. More info will be sent out and posted here in the next couple days. We will also be keeping our website updated with current information.

Our apologies for the hassle and inconvenience this is creating for you. Please know how much we value and appreciate your continued support of the OACP.